Friday, May 06, 2005

When chocolate looses its attraction

I have a very bad cold. It has been building up over the last few days. I seriously don't know how real mums do it - the keeping going bit. My normal routine is to crawl under a duvet cover and wait for the virus to get bored of tormenting me and go find someone else to play with. However, that plan was not an option any more. There was washing up to do and breakfast to sort. I know that this is normal life for real mums - but not for me.

Plan B included comforting myself with a bar of chocolate. That always works! However, this bug has dismantled my taste buds and transformed everything to the taste of cardboard - not that I have actually eaten cardboard before!

So, we just keep going. Patrick has been dropped off for a guitar lesson. he certainly hasn't made any progress since last time as he has not practised at all! There's the distraction of Shell nearby!

The skip which we hired to dispose of the garden rubbish is full to overflowing. I didn't believe anyone when they said that other people would add their stuff to it. Apart from the garden rubbish, someone has added a pink carpet to the top of it all. The skip has to be weighed and what we pay depends on how heavy it all is. I wish they had asked permission - I would have said "Yes!", but I just don't like people taking advantage.

The other thing to make it into the skip is a "For Sale" sign. This I do not grudge. For the last week it has been lying in Shell's garden. The idea of them moving and taking Shell away from Patrick would have broken more than one heart! Shell and Patrick fell in love last summer - well, maybe not love, but close freindship. They sit on the wall at the end of the garden for hours on end. Patrick blushes when Joe teases him about Shell - but she is something that is fixed and un-moving in his world right now.

In my world that is shifting and spinning about, God is my fixed point (and Joe too). In Patrick's world Shell is his. So I am glad that at least for now, the For Sale sign has been dumped.

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