Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Sesame Street gardening

In true Sesame Street fashion - today comes to you courtesy of the letters G for gardening and B for blisters and the number 0 as in zero progress! Beautiful weather brings out the lawnmowers, but our garden needs more than a quick up and down with a lawnmower!

We are kind of in a remodelling mode. We have tried the jungle look for a while now and it would probably look just fine next to the Amazon forest, but being slotted in between two very garden proud neighbours it just looks a mess! The man next door has a head start in that he works for the district council nurseries - a man who knows his bulbs. Incidentally I once mistook a daffodil bulb for an onion - trying to finely chop it proved quite interesting. It was very sticky inside and didn't smell like an onion.

The man on the other side doesn't work for the council nurseries but he is great pals with the man who does and they exchange cuttings and garden gossip over the deep grass of the jungle that separates them! They are both glad that there are solid brick walls and not just a wooden fence that confines our weeds to our bit of land.

Inside of me there is a heart of a gardener straining to get out - deep inside. I appreciate flowers and shrubs and lots of colour, but I just don't know how to make it happen. I buy plants, I plant plants and then I accidentally dig them up because I forget they are plants and not just weeds! There may be a heart of a gardener, but there are no green fingers to go with it!

I would help if I didn't have a hundred other things I prefer to do instead of weeding. It is time to face up to it that gardening is not my passion. I refuse to sink to the level of gravel and tubs.

One thing I like about living in Scotland - the rain! It gives me the perfect reason not to do the garden.

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