Monday, April 04, 2005

Life is Fragile

I think there must be nothing harder than knowing that you are loosing a loved one. The times that I have lost someone, I have never been around to see it happen. There has just been the phonecall. To live with someone a see their life slowly unravelling has got to be hard. Everyone talks of the Pope's death as being something to celebrate. It happened at the end of a long and fulfilling life. No doubt, being the Pope, he had access to the best medicine and treatment available.

A friend of ours passed on the news that her husband died. It wasn't at the end of life life but in the middle. They had just planned major enovations to the house when he was diagnosed with cancer. It wan't a slow process but swift and vicious. It is just not fair.

My mother in law is another person whose life is unravelling. She had been diagnosed with some form of dementia. Everyone is a stranger to her.

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