Saturday, April 23, 2005

Mothballs and parma violets

Well, I exercised a bit of self-discipline this afternoon and actually completed a set of third year reports! Later on in the afternoon I continued to exercise more self control - I hovered over the chocolate display in the supermarket, but didn't buy anything! OK we all know that I shouldn't have been hovering in the first place! I tell you, if my niece decides to call off the wedding I have had it!

My oldest sister has got something else to think about other than wedding outfits for next summer. She became a granny yesterday! That makes me a great aunt, and Joe is immensely pleased to become a great uncle. He is also planning to angle for the job of godfather too. Our church doesn't do christenings, but they do dedications. Dedications don't have a specific role for godparents. His brother John is a godfather.

The names "Great Uncle Joe" and "Great Aunty Mel" have a real old smell about them, like mothballs and parma violets. Just twenty four hours ago I was just an aunty and now I have moved up a generation! Joe fears that he is heading towards sensible cardigans and a pipe.

We went "baby shopping" this morning. We managed to lose each other in Debanhams. Joe went off to look for Celtic baby-grows and bibs, while I headed over to the proper baby section. Such cute stuff for babies. We settled on a wee blue dress and a cream cardigan. Later on I spotted a poncho! I couldn't resist. Now I just need to get my act together and wrap them up and post it - I deliberately chose age 3-6 months clothes because I know how unorganised I can be!

Joe and I never found each other. We know enough about each other to know where to look, but our paths never crossed. Poor Joe gave up looking and went home on the bus! I thought he might have gone back to the car and waited for me - maybe he did!

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