Friday, April 29, 2005

Me coming out of my small corner

I am having problems blogging - I have plenty to say but the blogger refuses to publish it. I am faced with how much of an internet dummy I am when confronted with these kind of problems - I don't know enough of the technical stuff to help myself! Here goes for the umpteenth time:-

Note:- I follwed the advice they gave and it worked!

I almost made it to the gym yesterday - well, I did make it. I got changed, armed myself with a bottle of water and, clambered on the bike and that had a severe attack of the "foursies". If you are not aware of the "foursies", it is the big dipper equivalent of a drop in sugar levels. It's called the "foursies" because it usually hits me at around about four o'clock, just when I get home from school. The only cure seems to be to eat something - anything - everything - if it is remotely edible, it gets eaten. So I promptly clambered off the bike and went down to the café and ate two slices of toast.

It takes a while for the foursies to subside, so while I was letting the toast digest a little, I read through the Highland News. The one article that really caught my attention was another new church moving to Inverness - the Destiny Church! There are lots of churches in Invereness. Not just the usual denominations, but also a lot of more contemporary churches that meet in shcools and community centres. Another one...seems to me that you should be planting churches where there aren't any, not where there are already lots!

Many of these churches sing the same songs, and preach the same gospel and has the same basic structure one wonders why don't they just become one church. But then I would want them all to join my church rather than me join theirs! I have a problem with seeing things as "our" church! I am working on it - or rather God is!

I was reading in 1 Kings about Solomon building the temple and how the stones were shaped at the quarry and at the temple site itself, the stones were just slotted into the right place without the need for a hammer to knock off any edges. The quarry that knocks off my edges and shapes me should be in my quiet times with God. My workplace does a lot of shaping too! When it comes to corporate worship or corporate prayer God should just be able to slot me in without me causing friction anywhere!

There is a hymn - a children's hymn that Joe hates. "This little light of nine" contains a line about you in your small corner and me in mine. Makes me wonder what God thinks about "small corners". Well I am trying to entice myself out of my small corner and go to the Blue Flame prayer meeting!

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