Sunday, April 24, 2005

Now is the time to worship

At the end of the meeting today, my friend Jenny came up to me. She had something she wanted to share. On a Sunday morning the worship team arrive early to set up the intruments and the run through the songs we are planning to use. It was a very warm day and the sun was pouring in the window. Mark opened the window to let some fresh air in. We just got on with the practice.

Jenny lives not too far from the school where we worship. She can usually hear us just as she is coming alongside of the school. However, this morning, with the windows open and the air so still she could hear us from her house! She said she was upstairs in the bedroom and she could hear worship music! She thought at first that perhaps someone had a radio on or a worship CD and as she listened she was lifted up in her spirit.

She said that it sounded so beautiful. Then she recognised the voices - it was us! From her bedroom, in the stillness of the morning she could hear us singing - except she said quite distinctly - "You were not just singing, you were worshipping!" Imagine people outside the church being drawn into the presence of God by the sound of our worship!

Jenny then went on to say "If I could hear your worship from where I live, I am sure my neighbours could hear it too! Perhaps they too were lifted for a while into the presence of God!

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