Friday, June 28, 2019

I and They

I wrote this poem almost thirty years ago. It expresses so much about the lonilness that some people feel - their sesne of disconnection.

I stand alone.
No one talks to me
She stands alone. 
She talks to no one

I know they are talking about me.
I know they laugh behind my back.
They are not talking about her. 
They laugh because they are young and the sun is shining.

They think they’re so smart, so clever. 
They think they are better than me.
They think she is so smart, so clever. 
They think she thinks she is better than them.

I don’t care what they think.
I don’t need them.
She cares very much what they think.
They have each other and she offers them nothing that they need.

I sit alone.
There is an empty seat beside me.
She sits alone.
There is an empty seat beside her.

I have no friends.
I have no one to share my secrets with.
She has no friends.
Perhaps she has no secrets to share.

I cry alone.
No one sees the tears and no one cares
They’ve never seen her cry
Perhaps she’s quite content

If only they would see
If only they knew
They cannot see what she doesn’t show
Only then would they know

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