Thursday, January 10, 2019

I Can’t Be Bothered

I can’t be bothered to rise
and cross the open skies
Says the sun this day
It’s Just too much to ask
This day after day task
And she tucks herself away

I can’t be bothered to glow
My silver face to show
Says the moon this night
No sickle in the sky
No silver to catch the eye
As he folds away his light

I can’t be bothered to blow
No clouds across the heavens tow
Says the wind today
I won’t whisper or sigh
The washing I won’t dry!
And he doesn’t come out to play

I can’t be bothered to fall
On grass short and trees tall
Says the rain just now
I won’t pitter or patter
On windows won’t splatter
A raindrop he will not allow

I can’t be bothered to care
To love, to help, to share
Says the man next door
And the world becomes cold
And wickedness bold
As he marches off to war

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