Thursday, January 31, 2019

Brexit Blues

It’s fraying at the edges
And parting at the seams
Our exit from the EU
Our precious Brexit dreams

Boris and his cronies
Spun a web of lies
And promised we’d be better off
By breaking EU ties

Money saved is better spent
On our NHS
And so they boldly led us
Into the current mess

They held negotiations
And gibbered on for years
But nothing’s been decided
No terms to soothe our fears

They printed off proposals
In typescript tight and small
And argued over commas
Apostrophes and all

The factories are closing
The future looking dire
They're heading off to China
With workers cheap to hire

Our government's stopped caring
What happens to the poor
In cities, towns and hamlets
We're feeling insecure

The date is fast approaching
When we must say goodbye
We can’t avoid the cliff edge fall
No matter how we try

We want different deal
A people’s vote some say
We need a new prime minister
Enough of Mrs May

But Europe isn’t talking
They’re sticking to their deal
They will not grant us wriggle room
No matter how we feel

I think that Richard Branson with
His rocket into space
Is by far the best deal for
Our little island race

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