Saturday, April 22, 2006

With rings on her fingers...

The ring on my little finger is made from Venetian glass. It is not tiny or delicate or conservative, like the kind of jewellry that I would usually opt for, but loud and big and very purple. It began the day on the little finger of my right hand but got in the way of writing, so I moved it to the little finger of my left hand, next to the tiny, delicate and conservative engagement and wedding rings. I don't think it has become comfortable on my hand but I am determined to wear it!

You see, Joe bought it me on his recent trip away to Orkney and Shetland. He likes buying me interesting things that are not run-of-the-mill. I was thinking when he gave it to me, with an enthusiastic flourish of a little orange bag that it came in, and an eager expression on his face, that very often the things he buys me stay safely tucked away in the boxes and the bags in a drawer somewhere and very occasionally see the light of day.

If you are a giver of gifts, when you give someone something and then never see them wear it, or use it, it has got to be quite soul destroying. So I determined to wear the ring. It is purple so that does put a limit on when I can wear it. It is a lovely ring and a wonderfully rich colour. Joe bought it me so I wear it!

I can remember once going through a difficult spell I was just keeping my head above water and seriously feeling like I was coming close to drowning once or twice. During a quiet time with God I had the impression that God was saying that I was making life much more difficult than it needed to be. Imagine if someone had all the resources that you needed to make your way through the day and it was all there just laid on the table for you to freely take and use. At the end of the day - all that stuff is still there, untouched, unused and ignored. You sit there moaning about how difficult life is and yet you never touch the stuff that would not just sustain you through the day, but give you the upper hand. That is what I felt that God was trying to tell me - the He had given me all the resources I needed and yet I was trying to manufacture something in my own strength to help me through the day. The bottom line is that by turning my back on his resources I was insulting God.

Maybe that is why I hi-jacked the prayer meeting the other night - there was too much stuff laid on the table that was in danger of being ignored! God is gracious in giving us all that we need for life and godliness - but are we humble, or desperate, or hungry enough to take hold of it and use it?


Mark H said...

I'm really pleased that you're going for it!

But I don't know where you get the feeling that you "hi-jacked a prayer meeting"? If you're referring to Wednesday, Holy Spirit made a very clear invitation for us to pray for one another's needs towards the end of the evening. You stepped-up. That's all. If others had needs but didn't step-up then maybe you can help them to step-up in future too. But don't think that you're hogging things because you respond when God invites you! If you're referring to Tuesday, I wasn't there, but is it possible that the same kind of thinking applies?

God says you're worth it. You can't get "more than your fair share" of support and prayer (quoting from your previous post). His grace is outrageous and His attention to you is limitless. Joe bought you a nice ring coz you're worth it to him. God has given everything you need coz you're worth it to Him. Repeat after me: "I am worth it to God, I am cherished by God, I am valuable to God". Coz you are, and He loves you with an everlasting love, He really does.

meljkerr said...

I am worth it to God, I am cherished by God, I am valuable to God

I am worth it to God, I am cherished by God, I am valuable to God

I am worth it to God, I am cherished by God, I am valuable to God

Alison and I prayed on Tuesday that there would be a greater dependence upon one another - a greater involvement of other people in our lives and a deeper sharing of concerns that other people might be involved in our victories.

I read some where that we are supposed to be like a bunch of grapes - not a pile of pebbles. When grapes get bashed around they are bruised and they bleed and stain the nearby grapes in the bunch. Pebbles just rattle - they may be get chipped a bit, but they don't really affect the other pebbles.

Izzy said...

..and when crushed becomes wine. Fine wine ultimately. Thank you lord for refining us.

I have enjoyed the comments and looking at the corrosponding blog sights like Mark's too. Isn't god good, his church body extends beyond, seashores and invisible mapped out borders!