Friday, April 28, 2006

Reclaiming Eden

"I've done what I set out to do
His image in them marred.
They leave this paradise of His
With lives forever scarred"

The glorious snake with glinting scales
Slid sinuously on the ground
A crafty reptile, sleek and sly
He moved without a sound

"I've soiled His love for human kind
I've wrecked His precious plan
Can Eden ever be reclaimed?
Oh No! It never can!"

Then fluttered down a peaceful bird
A pure and gentle dove
"You foolish snake, you cannot see
You're wrong about His love"

"Before this world came into being
He saw this tragic day
And in His mind conceived a plan
To wash this sin away"

"The woman's seed will crush your head.
A promise, firm and true
He will reclaim the lives you stained
Despite all you can do."

"His love bars them from Eden's tree
This tree - the Tree of Life
To eat this fruit their lives would be
Unending, full of strife."

"Some day they will return with joy
And take their rightful place
And gaze on Him with wondrous love
And know His awesome grace"

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