Tuesday, April 11, 2006

His answer

I stand alone imprisoned here
My thoughts a downward spin
My fears in solitude grow large
And turmoil swirls within

A question asked, an answer sought
I wait as death steals near
I must know I fulfilled my task
My doubts must disappear

He is the chosen man of God
I saw the white dove's flight
And as the man shed water's cloak
On him it did alight

I heard the voice, a thunderous roar
That rent the heavens apart
"This is my son, the one I love"
So God reveals His heart

But was I wrong? Is He the man?
This humble gentle soul?
Can He restore this shattered world?
Make what was broken whole?

His words are wise, and full of power
He speaks and strongholds fall
Men cast aside their fishing nets
To hearken to His call

"The demons run, and blind men see
The crippled stand and walk
The deaf hear praise from lepers cleansed
And silent tongues? They talk"

His answer comes, and peace bursts forth
My task, His herald, done
My mission ends, my task complete
While His has just begun.


Izzy said...

It's intresting that I searched the web for "walking on water" and your blog listed. Did you write this? I love it. Inspired by his spirit. Thank you. He is Risen!


meljkerr said...

Yes, I did write it. Most of my work is showxased at Faithwriters.com. There is a link on my blog to get you there. Thanks for reading.

Izzy said...

You are welcome. I pray for continuous release of his giftings and revelations. May I post your web page on my website?

meljkerr said...

I would be honoured.