Wednesday, July 27, 2005


It has been a while since I posted anything. It is not that life has been boring and uninteresting, just that I have not felt like writing! That is a serious confession from someone who consider themsleves a writer!


A passion burns within my heart
That words fail to describe
I yearn to find a better way
To show you what's inside

A priceless jar, with precious oil
Held in my trembling hand
I break and empty at your feet
And know you'll understand

As fragments fall, I'm broken too
And what's inside spills out
That you accept this worship act
I have no cause to doubt

The jar cannot be mended or
What was inside restored
I cannot claim the treasure back
Upon your feet I poured

A sweet and fragrant perfume now
Pervades this holy place
And You, the source of my delight
Will meet me face to face

1 comment:

Mark H said...

That's REALLY sweet (as in good, cool, right-on, hits the spot)