Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Outsider

I am on a count down - not just a school count down, but a Faithwriters countdown! I have three entries in the "Best of the Best" challenge. All the winners of each of the weeks during the last year go through another stage to find the best entry overall. There is a money prize, but I guess the kudos and cred as a writer is what we are all looking for! Some of the folks are proper published writers! I have had three winning entries over the year, so that shortens the odds for me. My personal favourite among my three is my first winner - "Them Gates of Hades."

The Final Step

The Laughter Thief

Them Gates of Hades

July 1st is the red letter day!

PS Can I do links or can I do links? I am the links queen!

1 comment:

Mark H said...

My fingers are crossed for you, but I know the joy is in the writing itself more than in any accolades.

p.s. Always test your links by trying to navigate them. 1 out of 3 for a first attempt ain't bad at all (but 2 of 'em are broken coz they have a space between the http:// bit and the www bit).