Thursday, June 09, 2005

Inspired to write a poem

One of Peter Howson's pictures really cuaght my eye. I didn't read the sentence that went with it, but what it looked like to me was an angel whispering into Jesus' ear. Jesus was drawn very clear and sharp, but the other face turned towards him was much paler and less substantial. Now that I have read the comment - I know it is not and angel speaking to Jesus.

What came to my mind was the garden of Gethsemane. The angel only ministered to Jesus after he had made his decison and surrendered his will. I tried to capture the moment before - the angel longing to draw near but recognising that this was a decison that Jesus had to make alone.

I aslo thought that perhaps this angel was one of those angels singing to the shepherds at the birth of Jesus. Perhaps it was time for the angel to sing a new song of freedom.


I know you think you are alone
But I am standing near
I long to ease your troubled mind
And take away your fear

This single moment must be yours
For you must choose the road
To tread the path to Calvary
And bear sin’s heavy load

Your sweat like blood falls to the ground
I count each precious drop
The scene that must start to unfold
I wish that I could stop

Another hill, another time
To mark your wondrous birth
I sang a sweet melodious song
Of heaven touching earth

Now heaven touches one more time
To strike the fatal blow
To heal a rift and lift a curse
Inflicted long ago

“If possible,” I hear you say
“Let this dark hour pass by
I’ll take this cup and drink its brew
Your will, not mine,” you sigh

At last, my help, I now can give
And strength to you impart
As I draw close, I pour my love
Into your willing heart

The freedom song that’s rising up
Demands I sing this day
For sin which binds and torments men
Will soon be washed away

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