Saturday, June 18, 2005

Keep on Dancing

I was reading Acts chapter 3 last night. I wrote a poem last year based on the story. I dug out the poem and had a look through.

A hop, a Skip and a Jump

Step right up, my friend
And see what I can do
For I can hop, and I can jump
And I can skip like you
I can walk around in circles
And I can run so fast
I can leap into the air
I can dance, at last
This might seem nothing clever
Nothing special you might say
For someone born a cripple
It blows your mind away.
I lay outside the Temple
Beside the Beautiful Gate
Two men walked right up to me
And saw my wretched state.
One stared at me intently
His gaze peaceful and calm
Hoping for some money
I stretched out my empty palm
“I have no gold or silver,
What I have I give to you.”
And he pulled me to my feet
As God’s power flooded through
My knees, my calves, my ankles
In a moment became strong
I was on my feet and walking
It didn’t take me long
A joy so deep, so wondrous
Exploded from inside
The delight at being healed
I knew I could not hide
Since then I’ve not stopped dancing
I’m not keen on sitting down
I love to feel beneath my feet
The firmness of the ground.
I shout my praise to heaven
Some wish that I’d be still
They wish that I’d stop leaping
But I know I never will

My favourite lines are :- "Since then I’ve not stopped dancing...I’m not keen on sitting down...I love to feel beneath my feet...The firmness of the ground."

I got to thinking, around about this time next year I will have been a Christian for thirty years! I wondered whether I have got to the stage of preferring to sit down and loosing the excitement of seeing what God can do through me and with me.

For so many years the man's life had been predictable and Peter and John changed all of that. I am challenged that after nearly thirty years, my life might just be taking on a predictable pattern again.

I wonder if the man came to a stage where he stopped jumping and leaping and praising God. We do sometimes, don't we?

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