Wednesday, March 04, 2015

End of Year Report

The first thing you need to know is that it’s not the end of this year – but the end of next year.  One of the round-the-table discussion topics for the Keep Your Fun On (KYFO) personal evangelism course that I signed up to was to think about what you want to get out of the course and what you hope the course will not be about.  We used bits of cardboard and balloons last night but, being a writer, I thought it would be interesting to write an end of year report – God’s Report - in expectation!

Melanie came into the class knowing only a few of her fellow pupils.  Many of them had known each other for a while and worked together on different projects.  It has been good to see Melanie make new friends.  It took a while for her to feel comfortable around new people.  Now she is happy to initiate conversations and share her thoughts.  It has been good to see the friendship between Melanie, Heather and Ellie deepen over the year.  Heather has had a positive effect encouraging Melanie to take risks.

In her work place Melanie often talks about her faith.  She is happy to answer some of the deep questions people ask about life.  She comes from a Roman Catholic background and has always believed in God.  She has a mature faith and demonstrates a thorough knowledge of scripture.  She enjoys challenging people, but whereas she was determined to win the argument at any cost, now she seeks to win the person rather than the argument.

It has been encouraging to see Melanie step out in faith.  Joining the class in the first place was a big step of faith. She has a longing to be obedient to God but struggles at times to overcome her fear.  She is becoming more confident in exploring creative ways to communicate her faith. The Easter project was an overwhelming success and has done much to build her confidence.  She has shown a strong trust in God.  Watching her worship has been a joy. 

When Melanie joined the class she was very quiet.  She can be quite serious and intense.  Over the year she has relaxed a lot.  She more inclined to laugh with others and at herself, and exhibits a wicked sense of humour. 

Melanie has changed her prayer habits over the course of the year.  She is praying much more regularly than she used to.  Being a very independent woman, it is good to see her asking for help.  She loves to involve God in the challenges she faces, giving Him ample opportunity to be magnificent in her life.

The year had been an excellent time of growth for Melanie.  She has been a real asset to the group. She has embraced the adventure of lifestyle evangelism with enthusiasm.  She can look back over the year and know that she has been a good and faithful servant.  It is wonderful to see Jesus so clearly reflected in her life. 

She should see the year not as a programme she has successfully completed but a vibrant lifestyle fully embraced.

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