Thursday, November 13, 2014

Anonymous From Scotland

My husband, in the passenger seat of the car, on the way to work this morning, turned his head to look at me.
“It’s you, isn’t it?  You have re-mortgaged the house, haven’t you?”

We were listening to Chris Evans on Radio 2.  It was the final ten minutes of the “Children in Need” auction “8 Go Mad in Monaco”.  The top spot was “Anonymous From Scotland” pledging some obscene amount of money that I am never likely to see in my lifetime.  His or her place seemed secure.  It was the ones at the bottom of the list that were losing their grip and falling off the auction cliff as other, richer pledgees scrambled over them.

Four lucky couples will head to next year’s famous Monaco Grand Prix as very special guests. A private jet will fly them to the Cote D’ Azur. A Sunseeker motor yacht will sail them around the bay. Then there will be ‘Access All Areas’ passes for the Grand Prix weekend and brunch with one of the racing teams.  There will even be a personal invitation to Prince Albert’s palace for his exclusive Saturday night cocktail party.

Just what part of that deal sounds like anything I would want to do? Besides, the dates, Thurs 23rd to Sun 26th May 2013, are not good for me.

I could do the private jet thing and the motor yacht things but the racing car thing is not my cup of tea. I would feel incredibly out of place in Prince Albert’s Palace and I don’t possess anything that would pass as a cocktail dress.

I’m not sure whether part of the treat involves driving any of the race cars but it reminds me that I almost came third in the Snowman Rally.

The Snowman’s Rally

A bright and sunny February day
We pack up the car and drive away

Heading out to see Loch Ness
Away from all the week day stress

The roads seem empty to my eye
One cannot help but wonder why

Vroom! A race car overtakes
A loud and roaring sound it makes

It swings the corner out of sight
And gives us both a massive fright

Another race car roars behind
We hear its engine loudly grind

And then it slowly dawns on us
The local paper – all the fuss

The Snowman’s Rally is on today
And us in our mini are in the way

The race begins on normal roads
Then into forest trails explodes

A sober thought has just occurred
With two gone by, that makes us third!

A café on the road ahead
We park and drink some tea instead

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