Thursday, September 11, 2014

Your Footprints

You said You’d walk among us
And awesome You would be
You said we’d be Your people
From slavery set free

But I have searched for footprints
To show You passed this way
There’s nothing of your mercy or
Your kindness on display

A locust swarm of soldiers
Has settled in our land
Against their cold hostility
We try to make our stand

Compassion has been strangled
And mercy’s rarely seen
Love is trampled in the dust
As hatred rules supreme

A god of death is worshipped
Where streets run red with blood
With “mischief makers” butchered
While kneeling in the mud

An army mines the darkness
And dredges the abyss
The boundaries others honour
They blatantly dismiss

They stifle their humanity
But sometimes see a face
Of someone that they used to be
Another time and place

My heart is fully broken
My prayers are soaked with tears
I hold on to your promise
Relinquishing my fears

The footprints that I search for
Are those I leave behind
Through me You show Your kindness
My life with Yours entwined

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