Saturday, September 20, 2014

Love Unconditional

Love unconditional
is not counted out
in small, carefully weighed pieces
to the deserving few
who fit the pattern
carefully cut from the
steamed and starched
fabric of humanity

Love unconditional
is obscenely tossed
unnecessarily extravagant
to the all-tainted
No formulae to follow
Love generously applied to the
ruled out and rejected
now rescued and restored

Love unconditional
is the hallmark of the redeemed
A Holy Spirit seal pressed
into soft hearts that give
no questions asked
no switch to sainthood required
no leaked memo
from left hand to right

Love unconditional
grows only in a grace-fed field
cleared of cold stone resentment
and twisted thistle hurts
God’s heart transplanted
His compassion pulsing through veins
He smiles as His children give
Love unconditional

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