Friday, April 04, 2014


I listened to the radio
While dozing in my bed
A summary of parliament
And all that had been said

I listened to the baying
From a most unruly crowd
And thought that such behaviour
Ought not to be allowed

Nothing spoke of order or
Respect for other views
Words were hurled like boulders
To injure or to bruise

And as they played their savage game
The heart inside me broke
These men of power behaved as if
Life was an empty joke

They cross their “T”s and dot their “I”s
With such a casual air
The safety net that many need
They cut and slash and tear

They live in castles far from me
And feast on gourmet food
For trifling pounds and pennies
The indigent are pursued

There is no honest shepherd who
Will feed and guard the sheep
And stand against the hungry wolf
His flock, in safety, keep

A better world is promised
With all we'll ever need
I fall upon my knees and ask
For God to intercede!

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