Friday, April 04, 2014

On Parliamentary Debates

It has been one of those weeks that has been tougher than most.  When this little flower-head has been crushed between the cosmic fingers it has not been a pleasant fragrance that has been released into the room.  I know I am only human but there is a huge bit of the divine in me too.  I seem to have missed the opportunity to be a good witness.

It has been the accumulation of lots of little things rather than anything big. To list them would take a few pages and not serve any useful purpose.

The other day was not so good.  I was under the impression that it wasn’t getting-up time.  I thought I had fifteen lazy minutes.  In truth my watch had stopped.  The radio was on.  Radio 4. There are some things that people should not be allowed to eavesdrop on.  What goes on in parliamentary debates falls into that category. 

I listened to the snipping and sniping from the previous day’s parliamentary debate and…how do I put this?  It was frightening.  Someone elected these people – not me – to take control of my country and have authority over things that touched my life.  To say that they were behaving badly was an understatement.  If their mothers had been listening they would have been digging out the soap ready to wash out a few filthy mouths.

They strut and flaunt their feathers
In brash and bold display
And those who see the sordid show
Are drowned in deep dismay

These were grown men acting like squabbling children.  They seemed delighted to score points off one another.  And I thought – we have put these people in control?

It comes as a comfort to me to know there is someone else who has a greater authority over things that touch my life.  The ConDems do not have the final say. They can be overruled.  All it requires is a man or woman of God to pray!

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