Thursday, April 30, 2020


she turns a corner on the path.
The giant warrior lies dead,
broken into a thousand pieces,
severed trunk, root wound still fresh,
sweet scented, bitter orange
bark grey, branches long barren

the storm proves the stronger foe,
roots too bruised to hold tall.
this was no swift heart attack
but a dragging death over decades.
nature’s cycle of cruel beauty.

unexpected sorrow fills her heart.
she kneels beside him,
warm hand on cold bark.
a blessing falls from her lips

fallen warrior, rest now
let the earth embrace you
let the wind whisper a last lullaby
let the sun kiss a gentle goodbye
let the rain rinse away all regret
in your passing let new life begin

hers is a moment of connection in
a world disconnected from nature
seeing and knowing too little

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