Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Weight of a Wish

Once upon a time there was a star. It wasn’t the brightest star in the heavens. It wasn’t the first star to shine when the day ended and the evening shadows darkened. That night it was the saddest star in the sky. If stars could cry its tears would have filled a million oceans.

The Creator turned His face to the star and said, “What’s the matter, little star? Why are you so unhappy?”

For just a moment, just a little twinkle of star light, the little star felt such joy at the Creator’s closeness. It was always wonderful when the Creator spoke.

“I think I’m going to fall out of the sky,” the little star confessed. “I feel the weight of all the wishes.”

People with large hopes or troubled hearts would look up at the sky. They searched for a star and they made a wish. Sometimes they would laugh at themselves and think themselves silly, but they would do it anyway.

Stars were never meant to carry the weight of wishes. Hopes and dreams are not light things in the universe. Sometimes, when stars carry too many wishes, they become too heavy and they fall out of the sky. They might leave a bright trail as they fall – but they still fall. They stop being stars and crumble to dust.

“I’m so sorry,” said the Creator as He wept tears for the little star.

The Creator knew that people shouldn’t make a wish on a star. Wishes had no power to change anything and neither did the stars. People who had large hopes and troubled hearts should not look up at the sky and weigh down the stars.

They should talk to the Creator. Only He has the power to change things.

The End

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