Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Embracing the Ouch

The time has arrived to rise from the couch
To put on the trainers and embrace that “ouch”
The heart that is beating? It yearns for fresh air
Abandon the TV, forsake the armchair

It’s not the Olympics, no medals to claim
But the passion for chocolate we need to tame
Our fifty-mile challenge across thirty days -
And how do we get there? In hundreds of ways

So, pull on the lycra and sparkly pink top
We’re going to get fit, we’re not going to stop
Begin with a warm up, and then off we go
Run, walk or skip – take care to start slow!

If water’s our forte and swimming’s our thing
Breaststroke or butterfly - arms and legs fling
A length, then another, we swim on and on
Those muffin top hips? They’re history! Gone!

There’s apps for the phone to keep us on track
To tell us the miles we walked there and back
They measure the heartbeat, at work and at rest
And being so active means we’re not so stressed

The brain is a miracle inside our heads
When we are active, good vibes the brain spreads
We walk tall and confident, smile on our face
And all this occurs when that “ouch” we embrace

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