Sunday, February 17, 2019

Write Place Cafe

tea cup, tide half out
spoon sleeps on saucer
used tea bag dries and dies
milk jug
hand pressed clay
glazed, fired, now empty
clock hands move
silently, time telling
lights, a spray of ceiling bulbs
scatter a yellow glow
wall heater turns
cold morning to warm
wooden table
planed planks and knots
metal legs, hard seat
groans and sighs
white marker flowers
trace a winding pattern
along the plastic edge
no bustle of people
no hiss or spit or steam
from the coffee machine
the hum of passing cars
moray firth radio
on low volume
sings songs and
sells services
and gives weather updates
paper, a delicate shade of pink
silver wedding anniversary pen
new ink refill
handwriting, slanting left
cheery words begin
“Dear Carla,”
letter writing

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