Friday, January 08, 2016

The Storerooms of Heaven

I was praying and I looked and I saw a door standing open in heaven. And it opened up to a vast storeroom.  A voice said, “Come inside, and I will show you everything.” In an instant I stood next to Jesus. I looked and saw there were deep shelves on the walls of the storeroom, all of them empty, and a sweet fragrance filled the air.

He touched the first shelf. “Here is my joy. It’s broad and rich. It turns away sharp hurts and hot anger and makes the heart light and the enemy easier to love.” The shelf was empty but I heard the echo of laughter.

He touched the second shelf. “Here is my healing. By this comes wholeness of spirit, soul and body. Combined with mustard seed, mountain moving faith bones are knit together, skin is washed clean of disease and blemish, a spine straightens, a limb grows and the broken highways of the synapses in the mind are restored.” The shelf was empty but I saw the shadow of a man dancing.

He touched a third shelf. “Here is my resilience to build strong family ties. No short cuts or easy answers to create a robust family, but patience and understanding are here in abundance. The love and tenderness of the heavenly Father lights the path ahead.” The shelf was empty but I felt the last lingering softness of an embrace.

He touched a fourth shelf. “Here are my victories. For those watching times when the Lord fights the battle, there is stillness for the soul.  For those sword-wielding, shield-lifting times, there is vigour to see the battle through. The word stirs the spirit, and when spoken with boldness - the enemy runs.” The shelf was empty but I smelt Satan’s fear.

He touched a fifth shelf. “Here is my intimacy. The bright thread of obedience is woven into the search for truth and wisdom. The surrendered heart listens for the still small voice.” The shelf was empty but the taste of sweet honey was on my lips.

“Lord,” I said, “Why are the shelves empty?”

“Because when My church earnestly prays they plunder the storerooms of heaven.”

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