Monday, September 14, 2015

Forgive Me Too

She wears her guilt for all to see
In tears of sorrow falling free
With scented hair she wipes His feet
Bestows her kisses soft and sweet

She owns her choices, doesn’t flinch
Excuses neither yard nor inch
Nothing hidden, nought concealed
Her sullied soul to Him revealed

He chooses not to reprimand
Compassion stirs to stay His hand
Instead forgives and sets her free
His words disturb the deep in me

Beneath a mask my guilt resides
Dressed in righteous deeds it hides
Those secret sins that weary me
I yearn, like her, to be set free

He looks and sees my naked soul
I grasp this chance to be made whole
Transparent, rid of all disguise
Forgive me too, my spirit cries

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