Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Real Life

I am dragging words around the dance floor of the page trying to choreograph a poem. The end result is interesting. The straitjacket rules made it a challenge to write. I liked the concept of an "endangered virtue" and someone's life story written in verbs - the things that they do.

The prompt on page numbers apparently - the nightmare of control freaks:-

"Write a 12 line poem whose lines begin with words that start with the letters R, V, H, O, K and E.  Use each letter twice."

My Real Life

Real life is this, I tell myself, as I
visit the corners of my soul
Here my heart beats strong but
out of sync with a world where
kindness is an endangered virtue
expressed so rarely by so few
Read my story written in active
verbs like love and sacrifice
His life before it was mine.  I am
opened petals unfolded before the Son
Known, not merely by surface and skin but with
every layer understood

There is a second part to the challenge:-

"Try it again, but this time make it rhyme."

Real life, not always calm and still, is
Visited by light and shade
Here daily beats the steadfast heart
Off centre in sin’s world unmade
Kindness breathes its healing air
Exhaled by those who ache to care
Read my story written now in
Verbs like love and sacrifice
His words so sweet I make them mine.
Oh never can the world entice
Known am I beneath my skin and
Every thought that dwells within

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