Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Clear Iraq Strategy

Not from the volley of gunfire
A staccato of bullets
Tearing into concrete and bricks
Pulling down the framework of homes
And ripping into flesh and bone
Dismantling the fabric of family
In war all things are inherently fragile

Not from a howling lament
A heaving of the shoulders
Grief stripping away strength
Nursing the
Smashed shell of a son
No safe place to shelter
From shrapnel rain

Not from the whirr of cameras
On satellites floating in space
Feeding pixel patterns on
A wide screen HD TV
With a scrolling commentary
The hybrid child of entertainment
And atrocity

That lack of audible sound
That absence of any
Significant communication
That long pause
That embarrassed stillness
When the appeal for help goes out

And no one answers

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