Thursday, July 24, 2014

Power of the Powerless

I will not be swayed by my heart
That widow can knock on my door
Day in and day out if she so wishes
But my resolve is firm and solid
She will not prevail

I’m not cruel or cold but just practical
I’m not blind to the injustice against her
But who will pay me for my services
There’s no advantage for me in siding with her
She is poor

We are fallen people in a fallen world
Why should I stretch out a hand to the stricken?
That some rise while others fall is life
God in His clemency must play His part
Where is He?

Tenacious, she will not abandon her plea
I will shut my ears to her cry for justice
She is powerless, just a woman, but determined
If I surrender to her now, I will open the door
To the flood

And yet she begins to wear me down
If I intervene and settle the score
It will not be compassion that moved me
Or fear of God that prompted my hand
But her persistence

They say God, too, is a judge
He is not blind to injustice either
What is practical is tossed on the wind as
He rises just before the knock comes
Ready to answer

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