Thursday, June 20, 2013

When the Little People Pray

“They’re back,” said Grimbrow, “I can see them through the door, sitting around a table.  There’s a Bible out.  Someone has revived the prayer meetings.”

“Yes, but there’s lot less of them this time.  I can only count five.  The last time they met there were a dozen or more.” Snaptognue added, “Give them a month or two and it’ll fizzle out…just like the last time. Human beings are fickle.  They start things enthusiastically…but you just wait.  Other things will take precedence.  The excuses will start to come in.  You’ll see.”

“Numbers don’t matter.  You haven’t read the Book, have you? It says in there that where one or two meet together HE will be present.  It doesn’t look good.  We’ve worked hard to keep HIM out of this place and now HE is creeping back in.”  Grimbrow shook his head sadly.

“Yes, but they are only the little people.  There’s no one from management.  Remember the last time they met?  They had a person from senior management praying with them.  That was scary.  They had the authority to make a difference.  These people…they are nobodies.  No one’s going to do what they say.” Snaptongue waggled a green knotted finger in Grimbrow’s face.

“You know nothing, you foolish imp,” said Grimbrow grimly. “There are no little people in HIS kingdom.  You think they are talking to management about the changes they want to see?  They are talking to HIM, you twit.  And if you know anything about HIM, you know HE listens.  And HE doesn’t just listen, HE acts.”

“Yes, but it’s not as if it’s church or a chapel, or some holy building.  It’s a school.  HE has got no business turning up in a school.  HE is trespassing on our property!” Snaptongue snorted with indignation.

“Where on earth do you get your information from?  You are evesdropping at the wrong doors!” said Grimbrow.  “A bit a truth…naïve one…we, us, Satan and his minions…we are the trespassers.  When the Kingdom of Light clashes with the kingdom of this world we don’t win…not ever!”

Grimbrow paced the corridor just outside the room where the prayer meeting was going on.  He looked nervously through the small window.  He should have been invisible to the physical world, but a demon could never be sure when a child of the King looked in his direction.

“What’ll we do?”  There was an edge of panic in Snaptongue’s voice.

Grimbrow had his ear up against the door.  He could hear the words being prayed and felt a chill prickle on the back of his neck.

“Oh no!” He backed away swiftly.  “They are praying real prayers!”

“Real prayers!” Snaptongue shrieked.  He has heard of real prayers before but never actually heard one.  He knew of the damage they could do. Real prayers were born in the heart of a believer, breathed upon by the Holy Spirit and let loose into the world through faith.  Too many of his kind had been banished to the abyss because of real prayers.

“Not good!  Not good!  Not good!” Grimbrow soundly slapped Snaptongiue across the face.  

“Now is not the time to lose it!  It’s still early days yet.  We have to act swiftly.”  Ideas flung themselves around his head.  They needed a plan and soon.  If the five around the table kept praying all would be lost.

“I’ve got it,” Snaptongue said.  “We need to remind the five about their failures.  They will stop praying as they think they are not good enough to approach HIM.  Keep them thinking about themselves and their inadequacies.”

“Good.  Good.  And the management team…I’ve got it…let’s polish up their grievances about God.  All those unpleasant church experiences…and all the hypocrites they have met.  Make them antagonistic.  I can see it all now…yes.”

“Let’s call in some reinforcements.  It’s a big job.”

The door to the room where the five had prayed opened as they left for their afternoon classes.  A fragrance of life followed them as they went their separate ways.  It touched Grimbrow and Snaptongue.   They felt the hollow shiver of the abyss.

Grimbrow’s words seemed to echo all around them.

“When the Kingdom of Light clashes with the kingdom of this world we don’t win…not ever!”

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