Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Song In The Night

I’ll tell of a song that I heard once
A song to make prison walls fall
I’ll hum you the melody gladly
And tell you of what I recall

I’ll tell of a man in a prison
The darkest and deepest foul place
He sat in the stench bruised and battered
Shrouded with shame and disgrace

I’ll tell of a night and the stillness
And into the silence a song
He sang of his precious redeemer
His shepherd so gentle and strong

I’ll tell of the longing that stirred me
A light in that dark place blazed bright
I glimpsed unseen worlds, things eternal
And I who was blind gained my sight

I’ll tell of the prison walls crumbling
Of chains that were severed apart
But whilst in the midst of the maelstrom
A peace settled over my heart

I’ll tell why I stayed, did no running
No walls and no chains kept me bound
The words of his song had ensnared me
A treasure eternal I’d found

I’ll tell of a vision so glorious
A kingdom that outlasts them all
A song that the saints will be singing
Of the King before whom all men fall

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