Sunday, May 27, 2007

Fragile moments

I used to do Scripture Union, or some kind of Bible club in school. I don’t know where I picked it up from, but we did an activity that involved an assault course of mops and buckets, chairs and other obstacles.

For the first step a volunteer was blind folded and encouraged to stumble through the course. This was like spiritually blind people, stumbling through life.

The second step was for someone to talk them around the objects, telling them to move a little to the right or to the left. This was supposed to be about hearing the voice of God and being guided by Him through all of life’s obstacles.

The third step was to introduce a second voice that was supposed to tempt them to ignore God’s voice, to introduce the idea of the devil leading us astray. Whose voice were we listening to?

I had the opportunity a long time ago to try it in a church setting. It was one of those “involve the children” moments. A girl volunteered to be blindfolded, and stumbled through the course, hands outstretched, bumping into things. I couldn’t get another child to volunteer to be God, so the girl’s father volunteered.

He did something so unexpected! Instead of merely talking his daughter around the objects like he was supposed to, he picked her up and carried her around the objects. I loved it! I loved the concern he showed that he didn’t want his daughter to bump her knees anymore. He just picked her up and carried her.

There are times when I just need God to pick me up and carry me around the obstacles. It is not that I can’t walk. It’s not that I can’t distinguish His voice from any other. Sometimes it is just because I am a bit bruised and feeling fragile.

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