Thursday, January 18, 2007


Impossible that by Your word
The universe was made
That in the stars, the moon, the earth
Your splendour is displayed

Impossible that with Your hands
From clay You fashioned man
Your breath released brought forth his birth
And so new life began

Impossible that You would choose
To be his closest friend
To walk with him through pastures green
Until his journey’s end

Impossible that he did turn
To tread his wayward track
Rebellious heart, and soiled soul
On You he turned his back

Impossible that You could know
The wicked heart of man
And still because Your love compels
Conceive redemption’s plan

Impossible that You were born
Into this fragile world
And whipped and crucified by man
Salvation was unfurled

Impossible You gladly bore
The sins of all mankind
That at the cross the debt is paid
Abundant grace we find

Impossible that you could gift
Forgiveness full, complete
That when the prodigal comes home
You kiss and gladly greet

Impossible that man’s wild heart
Is tamed beneath his breast
And humbly bowed before Your throne
He finds eternal rest

Impossible? To You? Not so
The One enthroned on high
I join with angels in their praise
“My Lord, My God,” I cry

© Melanie Kerr Jan 2007

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