Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Is Something Wrong?

This is something that I read on FW. Glen is a good friend of mine and I hope will not mind me posting it here. I found it very thought provoking.

Is Something Wrong?

by Glenn A. Hascall

What if we’ve created an illusion of what Christianity is supposed to be?

What if we’ve convinced ourselves that grace doesn’t mind intentional sin?

What if we’ve convinced ourselves the filthy rags we wear are something grand and glorious?

What if we’re wrong?

Have we been so busy fashioning a world that caters to our needs that we’ve forgotten we are warriors in a strange land?

Have we forgotten we’re on a journey while we set up a paradise on earth?

Have we forgotten our Captain while we crown other sheep?

What have we done?

The church today provides a coffee shop and cafĂ© while the world outside the doors thinks we’ve dedicated a country club to ‘our kind’.

The church today makes youth group so cool that even non-Christians can come and still miss out on their need for something more.

Christian radio is so cool the whole family can enjoy it.

We wield political power – we lobby for our cause – we mobilize those who should be sharing their faith into a force for political change.

We gather with God’s people by satellite feed and miss face-to-face interaction.

We relegate those gatherings to one event a week.







We are NOT strangers in a strange land anymore. We have forgotten how to read our maps so we’ve settled for a second rate hotel in the low rent district – never sharing good news – never weeping for the lost – never longing for home.

What draws us deep into a relationship with Jesus? A four-minute song, a five-minute devotional, or a two-minute radio thought or a touching video?

How much is enough?

Have we found it too much?

Do we yearn for more?

Do we?

Can we?

Will we?

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