Monday, September 18, 2006

The things I didn’t eat!

I lost just one measly pound this week! For all my stumbling over fallen logs and wading through bog pits for two hours the other day – just one measly pound! It is just not a fair reflection of all the sacrifices I have made this week!

Can I just tell you about some of things I didn’t eat? With the curry on Thursday, not only did I just eat half the portion they served me, but I didn’t have any nan bread. That to my mind is the best part of any curry! I didn’t have any toffee pavlova for dessert either.

Joe has a large packet of fun-sized Mars selections. It was one of his birthday presents. He did not take it with him when he went to Glasgow. Did I dib in at any point during the week? Well, actually, yes I did – only the fun-sized Malteser packets, but they were carefully accounted for in my points tracker!

Saturday morning is usually a full Scottish breakfast – with all the elements – bacon, sausage, egg, beans, mushrooms and a well fired roll. Two toasted crumpets with peanut butter just don’t measure up. The usual afternoon cake with a cup of tea while watching the big race – even that was sacrificed in the name of dieting!

Sunday was a beautiful day for a picnic at Whin Park. It was warm enough for an ice-cream, but did I indulge? No I didn’t! I went blackberry picking instead!

Normally, I would not give it a second thought. I love food. I love the variety of tastes and textures on my tongue. I actually don’t mind giving these things up if - IF - I can see some rewards in it. One measly pound is not a big enough reward in my mind.

This is exactly why I gave up Weight Watchers the last time – the measly one pound losses after careful counting and saying “No” to treats. Two weeks and I am discouraged. I know that all the one pounds add up over the weeks. I know that it took years of over indulgence to get me to where I am today and the excess pounds are not going to shift it in a few short weeks. I know all that in my head – but my heart fells short changed. This little voice in my head says “I bet you could probably have eaten the nan bread and you would still have lost the measly one pound.” I should never listen to voices in my head – but they are kind of compelling!

Discipline is hard! As someone once quoted Joe, “A sacrifice is not a sacrifice unless it costs.”


Mark H said...

Dieters often lose an inordinate amount in the first week, and then settle into a more healthy and sustainable rate of weight loss thereafter. My running books warn against losing more than one pound per week as it is a strain on the metabolism. A pound a week really is both a healthy rate of loss, and quite an achievement. As you've found, it takes quite an adjustment to lose a pound a week, and here's why: one pound is actually a lot - don't be taken in the by the number "1".

Pick up a pound bag of sugar and weigh it in your hands. Look at the size of a pound of butter, or cheese. Crumbs! You lost all that! It's quite a lot isn't it?

Well done!

ninthspace said...

If you want gradual, sustainable weight loss, one pound in one week is absolutely fine. That was my weight loss profile when I dieted two years ago. This meant it took me six months to lose nearly two stone, but it was worth it.

I found that if you track your weight loss over the days and weeks, it provides great motivation and a sense of achievement. One pound, on its own may seem insignificant, but they all count!

ninthspace said...

Something I found over the weekend that you might want to try:

It's a 'weight loss community' website which launched recently. Free signup.