Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Prodigal's Father

My son, I watched you walk away
My heart began to grieve
I prayed that you might stay with me
But then I let you leave

I knew the path that you would take
And where that road would end
I knew the hurt, the emptiness
You couldn't comprehend

The world so bright and colourful
With sweetest siren song
Lured you with beguiling words
It's cloying fragrance strong

I cannot catch you as you fall
Or wipe away your tears
I cannot smooth the path ahead
Or soothe your troubled fears

Your freedom bids I leave alone
And watch the scene play out
The downward spiral to the end
That's sure to come about

I trust the word I've birthed in you
I trust the love I've shown
To bring you to your senses soon
And light your pathway home

For now, dear son, I search the road
I watch so patiently
I know one day that I will see
You coming home to me

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