Friday, January 06, 2006

Outside of church hours

Over the last three days it feels like we have spent more time at our pastor's house than we have at our own! It came to mind this morning that our church has been behaving very much like the church in Acts chapter 2 - meeting together in each other's homes for fellowship everyday.

Part of it is down to us all being on holiday and having no work commitments as such. We have the time to spend with each other and are making use of the opportunities we have right now. It has been relaxing to meet together outside of a structured church meeting, just to have no specific church task to do or "spiritual" agenda, but just enjoy each other's company.

I was praying this morning that we would find ways to keep it up! I am conscious that once work kicks back in that we may fall back into the usual pattern of Sundays and mid-week meetings. Time suddenly gets allocated to work orientated stuff, and the fellowship that we share stops being so relaxed and casual and becomes very focussed.

I am more than the sum of what Bible verses I have been reading recently, or what worship songs I have been singing and sometimes that becomes all that I share with people. I need to make time available to visit people outside of church hours - a cup of tea after the school day ends and be normal!

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Mark H said...

You know, I nearly wrote on my own weblog today how wonderful it has been to see everybody this week. I really feel that we've all grown closer. God is wonderful in that he gives us such a special extended family.