Saturday, October 22, 2005

Lifting my gaze

Autumn is not really a season where I take notice of things. I just tend to focus on the day when the clocks move back and then anxiously endure the next few months until spring arrives. The first leaf that falls from the tree is something I don't look forward to. I am looking for the leaves on the ground rather than at the leaves on the trees, and I miss the changing colours.

Yesterday I saw colours! We went for a drive over to the West Coast of Scotland. There are times when I wish I could paint and yesterday was one of them. The colours were just magnificent. I don't know enough colours to adequately describe the variety of shades of brown, and yellow and red. For a writer that is an appalling confession!

At certain points along the way I became a dangerous driver, more concerned with the beauty of the scenery than with the twists and turns in the road. It was awesome! For long stretches there was just acres and acres of bracken in a million shades of brown ending at the base of granite mountains. We didn't discover that we had the camera in the car until late on in the afternoon, so the breath taking scenery went unrecorded.

We stopped off a Loch Marie. The water was so still that Mountain behind was perfectly reflected on the surface. We both lamented that we didn't have proper walking boots as there were a number of walks around the woods and along the loch side.

Then there was this perfect rainbow. (That is when we discovered the camera in the car!) The colours were very crisp and defined.

I am amazed that I live in a country with such awesome scenery to be enjoyed now and yet here I am ticking off the days until spring comes! I am appalled that I can live my life looking for the dead leaves on the ground and not lift my eyes to see something more spectacular. I think yesterday was a wake-up call to stop living my life gazing down at the ground, and lift my gaze upwards.


Shelley said...

That pic is gorgeous! I love the fall scenery here with the various shades of reds and yellows and oranges in th trees. So beautiful.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I can understand the 'dangerous driver' comment. Friday after work as I was driving into town there was the strangest rainbow. It was in the clouds way off to the right of the sun, which had it's bottom also covered by clouds. My camera wasn't in the car, but I did thank God for the cool sighting and the fact that He stopped my car before I rear-ended the one stopped at the light in front of me! Cool picture!