Monday, September 12, 2005

Birthday Bhoys

It was Joe's birthday on Saturday, so it was treats all the way, including a weekend away in Glasgow, clutching our tickets to the football match between Celtic and Aberdeen.

Two dates cropped up in the programme. On September 10th 1960 - the day Joe was born - Celtic lost to Rangers 5-1 at home! I don't know whether Joe's dad was pacing up and down the corridor of the maternity ward at the time, or there at the match!

The other date was September 10th 1985 - the death of Jock Stein who at one time was the Celtic manager. Through his leadership Celtic brought home the European Cup. They were the first British football club to do so. He died of a heart attack.

Just before the beginning of the game, there was a memorial to him. Some of the players from his era walked onto the pitch. Rather than have a minute's silence to honour Jock Stein, they had opted for a minute of cheering. With a silence, you always get a few people ignoring the silence and demonstrating disrespect - and it is noticeable. It was very atmospheric - people waving scarves and cheering. It was very uplifting and fitted the mood well. It was a really wise move!

The game itself was good. Although we were way up with the birds in the rafters of the stadium, we had a view of the one of the goals. There was a pillar in the way that restricted some of the viewing.

I am never quite sure if I like going to football matches. I miss the commentary you get if you watch the match on TV, or listen on the radio. Being so far up, the game is a like a step up from watching ant milling around below. Even with my new glasses and their vari-focal lenses I had a hard time identifying players. I kept having to ask Joe questions about who had done what.

I relied heavily on the commentary of the surrounding supporters. I had to filter out the expletives that came thick and fast when Alan Thompson or John Hartson, in particular missed an important pass.

I was very impressed with the Aberdeen supporters - the small corner of red jerseys in one corner of the stadium. They made a lot of noise and looked as if they were enjoying themselves, even though they eventually lost.

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